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Slow Start

23 Apr 2018 6:18 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

It has been too long since I did one of these.  After a promising start to spring in February, things have slowed to a stop.  This past Sunday (4/22) I was able to inspect several of my hives.  I was expecting to find them ready to swarm or past that stage, but was ready to make nucs from all of them just in case.  To my dismay, none of the 8 hives I inspected were even close to ready for a split.  A couple show promise of being ready in a couple of weeks and one that had a sad little fist size cluster of bees back in February is doing great.  On the flip side, another that had a small cluster back then did not survive.  All the survivors have a fair amount of nectar stored, so we may have a good chance ata honey harvest this year.

I hope you all can attend this months meeting, where C. E. Harris will discuss honey harvesting.  C.E. has been keeping bees longer than many of us have bee alive and is a wealth of knowledge.


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