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21 Feb 2018 6:57 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

It was nice to get back into a beehive again after several months.  I got home about five o’clock and it was calm and 70 degrees out.  I raced into my Jacket and fired up the smoker for a peak into an overwintered Nuc.  This sole survivor of five hives in my backyard looks great!  Three boxes of good-looking bees (2 Med with a Deep on top).  Brood in all three boxes, drones being raised, open nectar, new comb being drawn, everything a happy beekeeper could hope for. 

So what does all this information mean?  Brood in all three boxes means a rapid expansion of bees is coming.  Open nectar means that the bees are getting new food from somewhere, AKA the flow has started.  New comb being drawn means they are planning for the future, but not seriously thinking about swarming yet (a big YET).   Drones being raised is a sign of a healthy colony, but there were no Drones hatched out yet.  This tells me that there is no way they can swarm for a minimum of two weeks, probably longer.  Why?  Drones need at least two weeks after hatching to become sexually mature.  I added another box and closed them back up with a smile.



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